Low Maintenance Back to School Hair

Low Maintenance Back to School Hair Colours!

The end of summer is always bittersweet. As the weather cools down, there is a refreshing feeling about getting back into a routine. A new routine marks new beginnings and an opportunity for a fresh start. This is especially true when it comes to starting a new year of school. At the salon we want you to look and feel your best when heading back to school. To start the school year off with flawless, hassle-free hair, consider our top picks for low-maintenance back-to-school hair colours.




A balayage is an effortless, timeless classic! This hair colouring technique allows colourists to hand-paint colour directly onto your hair, which creates a more natural and blended look. Since balayage isn’t a hair colour, it can be pulled off using colours that are close to your natural shade to keep it low maintenance. Not sure what colour to choose? We are more than happy to suggest colours that would best suit your natural colour to keep your look subtle and fresh!



Teasy Lights



This hair technique is a complete game-changer! Teasy lights are the perfect way to add a softer blended highlight to your hair. Teasy lights are achieved by teasing the hair before adding colour and working in small sections to create a look that is more diffused and seamless. We often recommend this hair colour technique to clients who are looking for beautifully blended highlights while wanting to go a little longer between appointments.



Warm Caramel Highlights



Calling all brunette babes! If you want to add dimension and lightness to your hair, we recommend opting for a golden caramel colour when adding highlights to your luscious locks. Opting for a colour that is two or three shades lights than your natural hair will keep your look low maintenance and give your hair a more blended effect.




Face Framing Highlights



We love face-framing highlights for their simplicity! Face-framing highlights are strands of lighter-coloured hair strategically placed near the front of your hair to help accentuate your face. Because face-framing highlights only take up a small section of your hair, they’re perfect for salon-colour newbies and anyone looking for a quick and subtle way to switch up their look.




HOT TIP: Whenever you're colouring your hair we always suggest using a colour-safe shampoo and conditioner. Colour-safe shampoos help keep colour-treated hair from fading and maintain the colour over longer periods of time.

Our talented stylists are here to get you back to school ready with beautiful low-maintenance hair! Beat the rush and schedule your hair colour appointment with Salon @ Church today. Text us at 365-364-1232 or book online now!