Up-do’s for a successful walk down the aisle or across the stage.

After two years of cancelled summer weddings, proms and graduations, 2022 events are in full effect! This year, focus all of your attention on the occasion by having an up-do hairstyle during the summer heat!

Smoothed with Accessories

In 2022, anything goes! This means jewellery, bows, pearls, and anything else that will elevate your look. For prom, attempt the popular sleeked back middle hair part, yet spikey, messy bun with a statement necklace. To keep an elegant wedding updo, embrace yours with a white laced classic veil. Achieve this look perfectly with a bit of Olaplex No. 7 Bonding Oil to tame your edges.

The Ponytail

Let’s not leave behind the most versatile option. A ponytail can be transformed into a tight and polished look, or it can be flawlessly messy with loose strands framing the face. Whichever route you wish to go, make sure your routines leading up to the big day are caring for your hair. Lean into a hair treatment or leave conditioners and attempt minimal heat usage. This will give your hair a better chance of not having unwanted flyaways or split ends in your ponytail. Salon at Church looks to take care of your hair, even after a cut, find a treatment that works for your hair type!

Let Your Genes Do the Work

Many of the in-style trends include leaving your hair untouched by straighteners and curling irons. An updo with less clean and precise looks gives an amazing shape. Leave room for your natural curls and waves with a loosely braided look. Keep the few misplaced hairs for style and complete the look with fine, minimalistic jewellery. If it’s been a while since letting the natural hair out, be sure to introduce a few hydrating products beforehand to avoid frizz. 


If there’s one thing to watch out for this summer - it’s the heat and humidity. Whether your event is indoors or outdoors, show up with the perfect up-do that needs no extra fixings. Keep your hair worries out of mind and enjoy your time with public events once again. If you’re in need of a trim before your wedding, prom or graduation - or are just looking for help with your chosen updo, our team is here to help and have you look your best on the days that matter!

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