Summer Hair, Don't Care. Tips For Seasonal Maintenance.


Everyone loves the summer heat and the activities that come with it. Sun, swimming, and humidity are just some of the seasonal factors that can take a toll on your locks. Using these tips and tricks from our team of professionals, adopt a summer hair care routine that is sure to beat the heat! 

Keep it covered

As important as it is to use the right products for your hair, the best way to keep it protected is to keep it covered. Wearing a hat or a scarf will help protect your hair from UV rays while protecting your scalp from sun damage. Try and have some fun with it! There are plenty of scarf and hat styles that will keep you protected and elevate your outfits. Bucket hats, beach hats, and baseball hats are all trendy options that can really tie a look together.

Conditioner is key

Much like drinking more water in the summer to stay hydrated, your hair needs the same kind of attention. Make sure to keep your hair moist and healthy this summer by using hydrating products and deep conditioners. Try using the Colour Extending Conditioner by REDKEN to keep your colour-treated hair from fading, and lock in the moisture that you might be missing. Hydration does not mean washing your hair more often. This will actually dry out your scalp and strip it of the natural oils that your hair requires to withstand the heat.

 Avoid salt and chlorine

If you’re a blonde, you may have heard about your hair turning green after swimming in a chlorinated pool. It is not a myth! Chlorine can cause chemical reactions in your hair which change the natural colour, weaken each hair strand, and increase split ends! This damage doesn’t only apply to blondes, but appears more noticeable on lighter saturation. Chlorine sucks the natural oils from your hair and skin, leaving them dry, rough, and damaged. Salt, although better than chlorine, will still dry out your hair, leaving it frail and damaged. If a swimming cap is not your choice of style, you can fight potential damage by rinsing your hair prior to going in the pool or ocean, conditioning afterwards, and applying hair oils. Using a conditioner like the Hydrate Cleansing Conditioner by Authentic Beauty Concept is great for cleaning out chlorine and salt after a refreshing swim.

 Fight the frizz

Summer schedules can fill up quickly and is often one of the busiest times of year, but it is crucial to not miss a trim. Even while growing out your hair, trimming it will get rid of split ends and damaged hair, encouraging healthier growth. One your days off, use hair masks and oils to smooth frizz and reverse sun damage. Whenever possible, avoid direct heat and styling to combat unwanted static and friction on the surface of your locks. Try the Hydrating Mask by Authentic Beauty Concept to repair damaged hair and bring back a smooth and healthy style.

 do less damage

Opt for a beachy look and avoid using those hot tools. Try blow drying your hair on a cooler setting for half the amount of time or, use clips and headbands to style it back. While it’s tempting to put your hair up tight when enjoying summer activities, try to wear loose styles that avoid breakage. Using a wide-tooth comb, especially when your hair is wet, is the best way to avoid tugging and pulling at those sensitive strands, causing further damage. Make sure to pack one in your bag when you head to the beach!


Get your summer routine under control now, so you can enjoy what the rest of the season has in store! Contact us today to book your next trim, or shop our site to purchase our summer faves. Need extra advice? Speak with your stylist for a customized recommendation, based on your specific hair care needs.