2020's Trending Hair Treatment

You have probably seen or heard that hair masks are the freshest addition to your self-care routine. We put our hair through a lot, including colour treatments, heat damage as well as throwing it up in a bun on those busier days. Let our stylists tell you why hair masks are an essential part of your hair care routine.

What is a Hair Mask? 

Only have a few minutes between calls, or need to get in bed early? Hair masks pack a big punch, providing moisture, nourishment, and protection in just minutes. Hair masks are treatments made up of nourishing ingredients like oils and butters that work to make your hair stronger and healthier. Hair masks penetrate deep into your hair to accelerate shine and repair damage.

When to Use a Hair Mask

As the winter months approach, it is important to hydrate your hair with more than your average shampoo and conditioner. Masks can be applied in the bath or shower, so they are perfect for an at-home spa day to keep your hair looking fresh between hair appointments.

What Hair Mask is Right for Me?

Like any hair product, masks should be targeted to your specific hair type and help repair dryness, minimize breakage, or maintain color-treated hair. 

Dryness: There are many reasons you may experience dry hair, including the weather, not using the right shampoo/conditioner, or even washing your hair too much. No matter the reason contributing to your dry hair, everyone would like hydrated, healthy-looking hair. Dryness is targeted best by using masks that contain oils, butters, and honey.

Our Stylists recommend Authentic Beauty Concept's Hydrate Mask. An intense yet lightweight that moisturizes normal to dry or curly hair brings back elasticity, bounce, and shine

Hydrate mask

Breakage: There are many masks made to target broken, damaged hair specifically. If you are trying to grow out your hair or maintain it between appointments, a hair mask is a great way to alternate trimming your ends. Masks containing proteins or vitamins will work best to rejuvenate your hair.

Our Stylists recommend Olaplex #3 an at-home treatment that reduces breakage and visibly strengthens hair, improving its look and feel.

olaplex number 3

Fading Colour: Colouring your hair can be damaging, but some want to update our look as the seasons change. Using a hair mask targeted to maintain colour will help build a protective layer over your coloured hair and extend the life of the shade you love. For colour treated hair, look for a mask that contains amino acids and is sulfate-free.

Our Stylists recommend Authentic Beauty Concept Glow Mask. This mask preserves hair colour and provides intense nourishment for colour-treated hair.

glow mask

Experience the benefits of a hair mask by booking your next I’m Worth It Blowout Appointment with one of our Stylists. 

  • Service includes Authentic Beauty concept Momento Experience, 5-minute scalp massage with salon-exclusive care.