How to Fight Frizz: Summer Hair Care Tips


How to Fight Frizz: Summer


Hair Care Tips

The summer season is finally upon us! This means maintaining hair care for those humid and hot summer days. Our goal is to teach you how to tackle frizz and keep your hair moisturized all summer long. Keep reading to learn all the tips and tricks for healthy, shiny, and happy hair during these hot summer months.

Start the Summer Off With a Trim

By starting the summer off with a trim, you'll be getting rid of split ends and giving your hair the refresh it needs! Doing this will help your hair grow faster and stronger. To book a trim with one of our talented stylists contact us here!

Keep the Brushing to a Minimum

There’s nothing worse than taking the time and effort to style your hair, only for it to end up a frizzy, untameable mess. We suggest brushing your hair as little as possible in the summer as hair brushing stimulates frizz! Try to keep it at a minimum and only use a wide-tooth comb when detangling in the shower!

Use a Hydrating Shampoo + Conditioner

Add some extra moisture to your routine! While in the shower we suggest using an ultra-hydrating shampoo and conditioner to lock in the moisture your hair craves during the summer. Try the beloved OLAPLEX Bond Maintenance Shampoo (No.4) and OLAPLEX Bond Maintenance Conditioner (No.5) to protect and repair damaged hair as well as lock in moisture.

The Cooler the Better

Try rinsing your hair with the coolest water you can handle. In the shower, the cold water closes the hair cuticle and blocks out future humidity. This is essential to help combat summer frizz!

Weekly Hair Masks

Try to make time for a weekly hair mask to add softness and shine to your strands. We suggest the Frizz Dismiss Mask by Redken to help nourish, hydrate and soften unruly, frizzy hair. Hair masks are much needed during the summer months! Psst did you know the Frizz Dismiss Mask is 20% off from June 14th to July 19th? Head to our online store to shop this summer's must-haves!

Add a Serum to Your Routine

A drop or two of anti-frizz oil or serum can help smooth and add shine to your strands. Try using a small amount of Redken's Friss Dismiss Anti Static Oil to minimize flyaways and frizz without weighing down the hair. This serum is great for combating frizz as it contains Babassu Oil for enhanced smoothness and frizz control.


Stay ahead of the game this summer with a hair care routine that does the hard work for you. Fight the frizz, up the moisture, and arm yourself with products that help your hair stand up to the elements. Don’t forget select summer essentials are on sale from June 14th to July 19th. Contact us today to book your next trim, or shop our site to purchase our summer faves.