Summer is quickly approaching and as the sun gets brighter our hair often gets lighter. If you are looking to go blonde next season it’s important to start thinking about it now. 

Patience is KEY

Reaching that perfect shade of blonde is going to take some time. Going from black to blonde is possible, but not in one sitting. As professional hairstylists, it is our job to make sure your hair stays healthy! Have some patience while achieving your transformation and leave the salon with healthy beautiful blonde hair!

Leave it to the professionals 

Whether we would like to admit it or not many of us have had a “DIY” phase. While some are better than others, it is just best to leave it to the professionals. Using box dye can be very tricky. There is the risk of not using enough and having an incomplete or uneven colour. On the opposite end, there is the risk of using too much or letting it process too long resulting in damaged hair. Ultimately, box dye and at home bleach will leave you with unpredictable results as one size does NOT fit all. 

Prebook appointments

As mentioned above you will likely need more than one appointment to reach your desired hair colour. Try booking your appointments ahead of time to ensure you stay on track to achieving your hair goal!

Tone it

Going blonde is not just about bleach! It is all in the toner! A hair toner is a product that helps you correct or personalizes your colour. Whether you want a cooler or warmer blonde you are going to want to tone it to avoid a brassy or yellow look!

Keep it hydrated

It is important after lightening your hair you make sure to keep it strong and hydrated! Weekly Olaplex treatments will ensure hair strength while using a leave-in conditioner will help moisturize your hair and have it looking healthier than ever. Authentic Beauty Concept’s Replenish collection is designed for damaged hair.

Shop now 

The cost of beauty

Being blonde requires more maintenance than you are probably used to. You can expect more frequent trips to the salon to take care of roots, toner and trims. At-home maintenance is just as important, your favourite stylist will recommend the perfect products to ensure your blonde will last in between appointments. And remember you can shop from the comfort of your home right here

Smudge the roots 

A great way to create some space between appointments is to smudge your roots. A root smudge is a technique used specifically to blur lines of demarcation. It involves applying a colour formula close to the client's roots, and then “smudging” it into the shaft of the hair. This creates a softer transition between the root and the lightened hair, making the hair growth appear a bit more lived in. This will result in a lower maintenance blonde! 

 Looking to go blonde this summer? Pre-book your appointment today with one of our talented stylists!